Soft chic

Ultra-soft, airy cream that is extremely sensory and quickly absorbed. Meltingly soft as cotton, it envelops and moisturizes the skin, making it instantly smooth and velvety.
Its quick absorption and immediate “silky skin” effect make application even more pleasant.


Its special light-touch texture glides on the skin and absorbs quickly, leaving it soft and velvety.
It allows you to maintain healthy and vital skin, enhancing its natural radiance. The release of the active ingredients allows for a proper balance of skin condition and maintains an optimal level of hydration, making the skin soft and glowing.

Hydra rose

Featuring a light and silky cream texture, it gently blends into the skin, which appears more toned and smoother, with a soft and velvety appearance. It is a day treatment designed to moisturize and protect the skin from external aggressions that can cause dehydration.

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