Shampoo, conditioner, masks

We create and contract manufacture formulas designed to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and make hair soft and silky with shampoos, conditioners, wraps, masks and creams for every type: curly, straight, dry, oily, fine or treated.

Specific treatments

Our Research Laboratories create trichological solutions to combat hair loss, weakening, dandruff, or excessive sebum production.
We also have styling-friendly formulas for perfect, sculpted and fashionable hairstyles.


Our professional hair treatments are the result of careful research and timely use of high-performance actives. Combined with the savoir faire and techniques used in salons, they ensure winning and glamorous results.


Ensuring the same performance as professional salons with highly natural formulas was the challenge met by our Research Laboratories to create silicon-free formulas with high percentages of naturally derived ingredients and up-cycled, Organic and made-in-Italy actives.


We make formulas for beard and hair care and styling. Thanks to innovative textures and fragrances carefully selected, our barber formulas satisfy the most demanding consumers.