Pink Frogs Cosmetics began its sustainability journey in 2008. If the choice in those years seemed a pioneering path, today it proves to be an important investment, a guarantee of responsibility and soundness. The journey continues, toward constant improvement of our environmental, social and economic performance aimed at creating value over time for the company and its stakeholders.

“Improving corporate responsibility and management has always been the beacon that has illuminated our journey, and today, with “value creation” reporting we are adding a key seed to our reporting; a clear and transparent message to all the people inside and outside our company. And from this seed we expect the sprout that, if nurtured properly, will become a lush tree that will bear good fruit.”

(Matteo Locatelli, CEO of Pink Frogs Cosmetics)


Making the widest range of products with passion and creativity, ensuring technological innovation, service quality and process sustainability.


To be among the reference producers of the Italian and European cosmetic market, recognized as a source of inspiration for the most modern and dynamic brands.


We are constantly striving to reduce our environmental footprint by monitoring consumption and optimizing waste disposal. We work with our clients to customize formulations to meet environmental and sustainability standards. We also maintain an ongoing dialogue with suppliers to ensure responsible sourcing of ingredients to reduce the environmental impact of the entire supply chain.


We foster an inclusive work environment and actively support diversity among our employees, promoting gender equality and supporting women in their professional development. We are also committed to supporting local communities through social inclusion initiatives, support for women, and donations to non-profit organizations.


Our dedication to sound governance practices is evident in our transparent decision-making processes and rigorous internal controls, ensuring accountability and ethical behavior at every level of our organization through the implementation of a strict internal code of ethics and a code of conduct for suppliers.

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