Thanks to a large integrated organizational structure, we can offer a comprehensive service, to identify and position cosmetic products in target markets, supporting our clients in realizing their successes.
We have a team of experts working in synergy to be able to be of complete support to client companies. Today, contract cosmetic manufacturing is not just limited to carrying out a customer’s requests but establishes a true partnership, with a view to continuous support. We are a partner, not just a supplier.

Research and Development

We can count on a team of formulators and Lab technicians who, every day, create and fine-tune innovative and cutting-edge textures that meet the standards of modernity, clean beauty, sensoriality and naturalness.
Innovation is the leitmotif that sets us apart: we specialize in the creation and contract manufacturing of “wow effect,” captivating, appealing formulas that are the result of cross-functional expertise on facial, body, hair, fragrance and pharma treatments.
From the development and conceptualization phase of the formula, we test its performance with the support of instrumental detectors that allow us to measure in itinere effectiveness at the level of hydration, sebum regulation, skin discolorations and elasticity.


A perfect combination of expertise and innovation, with us the Marketing Division is a key piece in combining what the customer wants with the best product proposition.
It anticipates trends, identifies the most successful products, transforms them into innovative ideas, and customizes them by creating atailored identity that is perfectly consistent with brands.
Continuous monitoring of the market, trends and global launches enable us to offer competent service andsupport in terms of both formula and pack.

Product Development

Launching a cosmetic product on the market for us means keeping an eye on the whole process for its creation. Taking charge of our experts makes it possible to ensure service excellence to guarantee the availability of a product or entire lines with proper timing, overseeing every step for implementation and managing relationships with all suppliers involved.

Production and Packaging

We treat multiple types of formulas in as many different packs. We have a large technological area for making emulsions, tensiolites, lotions, gels, ointments, hot castings (sticks, waxes,…), perfumes, mini sizes. Our raw material warehouse is entirely barcoded, making each production accurate and easily traceable. We take care of every stage of packaging in-house: manual and automatic cartoning, labeling and cellophaning.
In addition, we have high-capacity machinery that can handle the filling and packaging of mini perfume vials (with carton and flow pack) in one step.