Cleansing 4.0

Cream makeup remover

A playful, creamy texture inspired by a luscious whipped cream.
New gesture combined with effective cleansing and makeup removal power.
Suitable for all skin types, it leaves the skin soft and fresh.

Makeup remover balm

A transformable texture that, from a soft gel, becomes a milky liquid when in contact with water.
It melts into the skin to remove all traces of makeup and impurities, making the skin soft and silky, ready to receive subsequent treatments. Especially practical for travel, it is suitable for removing even waterproof makeup.

Oil-Gel Cleanser

Oil-gel-looking formula with an extraordinary cleansing and make-up removing effect.
On contact with water, the product transforms into a velvety milk.
The rich, creamy and innovative texture effectively removes makeup and impurities and leaves the skin soft and smooth.
About 99% ingredients of natural origin.

Micellar oil

The sensitivity of an oil for perfectly clean and refreshed skin. Dedicated to all those who wear a lot of makeup and want an efficient and fast result even on water-resistant and long-lasting products. A velvety touch that leaves the skin soft and silky after rinsing.
Its special innovative texture, when in contact with water, turns into a milk that facilitates cleaning and rinsing.

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