Face serum

This innovative formula contains natural ingredients that not only intensely moisturize, but also help the skin stay vital by preserving its optimal water balance.
Its liquid texture is enriched with suspended petals that melt during dispensing.


A transparent and soft texture that gives instant freshness and hydration thanks to its innovative formula.
Its gelatinous texture encloses orchid petals, and once applied, they make the result distinctive and striking.
Strengthened and toned the skin allowing it to regain all its natural radiance.

Glam oil

Rich in real petals, its silky, light texture forms a precious barrier that prevents water evaporation, repairing the hydrolipid film and restoring skin’s softness and elasticity.
It counteracts the appearance of wrinkles, evens the complexion and nourishes the epidermis for a radiant result.

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