Transparent sun sticks

Transparent solid gel with maximum flowability.
Customizable in colors: yellow, green, orange. With or without fragrance, with aroma (for products intended for lips).
Formulated without microplastics, sliconi, phenoxyethanol and PEG.
Contains endocrine- and marine-friendly sunscreens.

Available in two sunscreens:

  • high SPF 50+, water-resistant, for face, body and lips;
  • medium SPF 30 for face and body.

Face and body stick sizes: 25 ml, 9 ml, 10 ml, 12 ml
Lips: 3.5 ml, 4.5 ml
Materials: PP plastic (25 ml, 9 ml), ABS (4.5 ml)
Colors: white, aluminum, master color available from supplier

  • 25ml: 5,000 pieces
  • 3.5ml, 4.5ml, 9ml, 10ml: 10,000 pieces

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