Scented emotions that change in intensity depending on whether it is an Eau de Toilette or a Cologne.

We can fill, pack and cellophane all kinds of formats.

Fragrance diffusers

Increasingly present in our lives, both private and professional, fragrance diffusers give off olfactory tones that relax, aid concentration, and evoke positive emotions, creating a unique and distinctive imprint.

For this type of product, we also ensure packaging and regulatory services.

Perfumes in stick

The perfume in stick combines a pleasant fragrance with the convenience of a solid cosmetic.

The discreet application allows to carry one’s favorite fragrance around and be able to renew it at any time.

Mini perfume sprays

We manufacture perfume samples in sprays for the perfume industry.

We have a machine that provides a high production capacity that can handle the filling and packaging of mini perfume vials with carton and flow pack in one step.


Eau de parfum
Eau de toilette
Scented waters
Fragrance diffusers