Pink Frogs embarked on its sustainability journey in 2008. Many initiatives have been undertaken and many awards have been obtained in these years; but the journey continues, towards a constant improvement of its environmental, social and economic performance aimed at creating value over time for itself and its stakeholders.
Within the framework of its ISO 14001 environmental management system, Pinkfrogs respects all the principles of environmental protection (precaution, prevention and risk mitigation). In line with this approach, Pinkfrogs implements measures to prevent, monitor and control the impacts of activities, aimed at the reduction and responsible use of resources in production processes. The company’s vision is to develop and produce cosmetics in accordance with these principles and to spread the culture of sustainability through all stakeholders.
In addition to adopting innovative solutions to reduce the company’s environmental impact, the commitment is also aimed at employees and local communities. 

To be among the leading manufacturers in the Italian and European cosmetics market, recognised as a source of inspiration for the most modern and dynamic brands.


Producing the widest range of products with passion and creativity, guaranteeing technological innovation, service quality and process sustainability.


Integrità, Innovazione, Competenza, Qualità, Sicurezza, Tutela della Diversità, Trasparenza, Rispetto delle Persone, Sostenibilità.


Integrated Sustainability Report 2019-202-21

2022- We are proud to present our latest achievement in the field of sustainability: the Integreted Sustainability Report compliant to the GRI and IIR Framework standards.


Film to Film recycling project

2022- We joined the Film To Film project by Rewind® company,  All the transparent film that wrap our suppliers’ goods is now collected, pressed and recycled 

Circular Beauty

2022 – In collaboration with two renowed partners Eurolabel and HoBag, we have donated 5.000 shampoos and gel showers to the Italian-Ukraine humanitarian organization Maidan that delivered them to Ukranian people in need.

Report 2017
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Report 2018
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Integrated Sustainability Report 2019-2020-2021
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