In Pink Frogs sustainability is based on three foundamental principles: protection of the environment, social responsibility and economic development of the company.

As part of its environmental management system ISO 14001, Pink Frogs respects all the principles of environmental protection (precaution, prevention of pollution and prevention and mitigation of the risks). In line with this approach, Pink Frogs takes measures of prevention, monitor and control of the activities’ impacts, to reduce and use responsibly the resources in the production processes. Pink Frogs’ vision is to develop and produce cosmetics respecting these principles and spread the sustainability culture through all its stakeholders.

The path towards sustainability began in 2010 with the adherence to Driade, a regional programme aimed at the development of more efficient production processes and eco-compatible technologies. After it, the commitment was consolidated following the “10 steps” by Cosmetics Europe, concretising it in 2012 with the subscription to the “Charter of Environmental sustainability principles” by Confindustria and with the subscription to the voluntary programme Responsible Care by Federchimica.
Pink Frogs adopts innovative solution aimed at reducing the environmental impact, and also promotes a sustainable behaviour by every employee, with seminars and meetings on sustainability,activities that help to promote bring aggregation moments inside the company.

Label of responsible use by Pink Frogs

We have created the “First Label of Responsible use” that allows you to know not only the impact that the manufacture of the cosmetic product has had on the environment, but also to assess how responsible behavior can affect the process of waste disposal of the product itself.

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Our label won the Cosmopack Eco Beauty Contest The Wall, the prize Responsible Care Federchimica Award and finally the prize Slow Brand Factory.


Sustainability Report


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