Circular Beauty: our latest sustainable project

The Corporate Social Responsibility is playing a central role in our corporate philosophy for over ten years. Every day we renew our commitment to find new initiatives and continue our path of sustainability.

The latest sustainability project, born during Covid-19 pandemic, is “Circular Beauty”: a special project that combines the three areas of Corporate Social Responsibility:

How the virtuous circle “Circular Beauty” works

Each “Circular Beauty” project starts from a need , ends with a donation, going through free-offers and solidarity and then starts again.

  • We get in contact with non-profit organizations in need of personal care products 
  • We collaborate with suppliers of the cosmetic supply chain thtat are willing to donate stocks of surplus materials
  • We put together all donated materials (bulk, packaging, labels) fill and package the products in our manufacturing facilities
  • We donate the regenerated cosmetic products to the non-profit association that will deliver them to people in need
  • It’s come full circle and a new Circular Beauty solidarity initiative will start again.

Weare working on our first “Circular Beauty” project, follow us to learn more!


Are you a supplier of the cosmetic industry willing to help with your extra materials?

Do not hesitate to contact for more information on our”Circular Beauty”!