Versatility and reliability in single process: eight Olsa, Dumek and Mambretti turboemulsifiers, from 25 to 3000 litres, with a daily production capacity of 13,000 kg.

These tools are put to work ​​every day to serve Pink Frogs customers. Raw material storage is completely controlled by electronic barcode, ensuring accuracy and traceability of each production.

In 2016 a new production area dedicated to the alcoholic sampling perfumery has been implemented. We have a state of the art machinery, that provides a high production capacity able to manage, fill and pack the perfume vials with a cardboard and flowpack in a single step.

Our extended exrtise in the cosmetic industry allows us to offer a wide range of products in different categories:

production categories

SKINCARE: face, body, eye contour, lips, foundation, sensitive skin
FORMS: emulsions, gels, serums, micellar waters, mousses, scrubs, oils, butters, sticks, triphasics
HAIRCARE: shampoos, conditioners, serums, treatments, styling, professional products
FORMS: emulsions, serums, oils, gels, waters, triphasics, waxes, gases no sprays
PERSONAL CARE: bubble bath, shower foam, liquid soaps, intimate hygiene, cleansing, deodorants, hand gels 
FORM: gels, creams, biphasics, sticks
SUNCARE: face, body, lip protection, baby suncare, water proof, spf 50+, spf 30, coral reef friendly
FORMS: emulsions, oils, no-gas sprays, sticks

PERFUMES: eau de perfume, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, diffusori ambiente, campioncini spray no gas

FORME: spray no gas, solidi, liquidi

PHARMA: medical device dermatologici e oftalmologici

FORME: emulsioni, gel, spray no gas


Pink Frogs is specialized in the formulation and production of solid skincare in stick format.


We have state-of-the-art machinery for filling and packaging samples for the perfume industry.