Versatility and reliability in single process: eight Olsa, Dumek and Mambretti turboemulsifiers, from 25 to 3000 litres, with a daily production capacity of 13,000 kg. These tools are put to work ​​every day to serve Pink Frogs customers. Raw material storage is completely controlled by electronic barcode, ensuring accuracy and traceability of each production.

In 2016 a new production area has been developed, dedicated to the alcoholic sampling perfumery.
We have a state of the art machinery, that provides a high production capacity able to manage, filling and samples packaging, with cardboard and flowpack, in a single step.

Our specialization in the cosmetics industry allows us to have a wide selection of products in different categories. Discover them below.

Skin Care

Facial basics, specific and anti-aging: whether it’s a simple formula or to effectively counteract the formation of wrinkles, we can count on more than 150 types of formula. A few examples
: lightening, camouflage, sun protection creams also for sensitive skin types, BB and CC Cream, scrubs, masks, serums, technical products for aesthetic medicine…

Body treatments: emulsions, foams, oils, gels, mud treatment, bandages, sun screen, baby products, more than 100 formulas to make the skin soft, velvety, toned or combat unaesthetic cellulite.


Cleansers: over and above scented bubbles, we study the most delicate preparations to meet all skin types, even the most sensitive. From bubble bath to shower gel, we have the ability to formulate the different compositions, from the most practical to the most fascinating.

Hair Care

Hair Treatments: every product has been developed to respond to the specific needs of all hair types with over 200 carefully studied formulas: Shampoos, conditioners, masks, foams, oils, waxes, products for styling, specific hair treatments.

Haircare: any skin anomaly must be treated with a specific product. Lotions, masks, peeling must be formulated to minimize the symptoms and improve the appearance of an area perhaps among the most demanding of our body.


The essence of glamour: we transform emotions into scented water, eau de toilette, eau de partum, deodorant sticks, roll-ons and sprays.
We have developed a modernly equipped production area specially dedicated to the creation of samples sizes of perfume providing formulation, filling and final packaging (with specific cardboard and flowpack) in a single step with extraordinary timing offered at most competitive market cost.


We study and produce the most effective preparations to relieve discomfort and restore daily well-being: Dermatological (skin sensitivity, specific problems …), trauma, ant-Varicose Veins, oral care, anti- lice treatments, baby care.

Medical Devices

As a manufacturer, we support the Manufacturer in the development and production of medical device that best suits their needs and in full compliance with the recommendations in the Technical File.