Sustainable for the planet, inclusive for people.

The first sprayable shampoo designed to be effective, performing, sustainable, inclusive. A liquid formula to spray the right dose of product onto the hair without waste. It creates a soft foam and has effective cleansing power.

New gesture: spray formula to be nebulized onto the hair for proper dosage without product waste.

Suitable for all hair types, excellent performance even on curly, straight and treated hair, respects the pH of the scalp and the shine of the lengths.

the concept

Project description:

PPS is the first liquid sprayable shampoo that respects the planet (concentrated formula in refillable pack) and it is easy to be used by people with visual disabilities or motor difficulties.

The product that could be sold, would be the concentrated 50 ml formula, that will have to be diluted with water in the 200 ml bottle (reusable countless times) with the nebulizer.

It is a 360° supply chain project because it involves partners around the same goal: to create an innovative product in terms of formula, packaging, sustainability and social inclusion.

50 ml refill concentrated formula:

  • 50 ml eco-refill that generates 200 ml finished product
  • Water saving manufacturing process
  • Cold manufacturing process (no CO2 emissions for heating)
  • Reduced CO2 for transport (75% less weight and volume)
  • Clean formula, 95.2% ingredients of natural origin according to ISO 16128
  • 100% recycled r-PET plastic bottle (60% less than retail format) with no non-disposable parts (atomizer is recovered).

Sprayable inclusive shampoo:

  • Sprayable shampoo, allows to use the proper amount for product waste reduction and cost saving
  • Effective cleansing performances
  • Easy to use atomizer for people with motor disability (anti-slippery ribbed actuator)
  • Label with tactile elements for visual impaired people


Eurolabel’s label is printed with universal design technology featuring tactile elements (suitable for visually impaired people) and special fonts that increase the perceptibility of the information.

Twist spray pump allows one-handed use (suitable for people with poor fine motor skills) as well as a saddle on the button to guide the spray in the right direction (suitable for visually impaired people).

The selected bottle, belonging to the Pegaso line produced in the Ho.Bag Corporate plant, is made of 100% RPET: an ethical choice aligned with the core values around which the internal concept is developed and which allows the environmental impact of the product to be halved. In fact, the use of recycled material implies a 51% reduction in CO2 eq emissions compared to standard material.

The sustainability of the PPS – Planet & People shampoo bottle also passes through Ho.Bag Corporate’s production cycles, which foresee the recirculation of primary resources such as water, the use of energy from renewable sources and the maximum reduction of production waste. Thanks to all the actions taken and the attention paid to the principles of social ethics and the environment, Ho.Bag Corporate is ISO 14001 certified and in 2022 obtained the renowned Gold Ecovadis Rating.

Radicare®-Eco, a blend of three natural antioxidants (Melissa officinalis, barley grass sprouts, and biotechnologically-produced glucosyl hesperidin) that defend skin and hair from polluting heavy particles, heavy metals, and UV rays.

Fragrance with emotional technology.