Our story

Continuous development between research and Beauty.

Pinks Frogs is a cosmetic Production Company founded in 1979 as a consolidation of a family business founded in 1939. Born with the initial aim of offering a service of formulation and production of hair cosmetics for highly specialized clients, the organization has been structured over time, increasing its production capacity and expanding its area of competence to the whole sector of the non-decorative cosmetics.

The origins of the «Pink Frogs»

Pink Frogs is a trademark created in the late seventies for a line of hair products. The bright colours, typical of the time, have created an extravagant symbol chosen specifically as a distinctive element of those years. Later the pink coloured frogs disappeared from the logo, but the name Pink Frogs remained.

PinkFrogs today

Your success is our challenge

In 1996 the third generation takes over, it’s a new turning point for the company: with the arrival of Matteo Locatelli, biologist, a new chapter of history begins.

Today many steps forward have been done: in our research laboratories work to develop more than 300 formulas every year, in our production units over 7 million cosmetic products and about 4 million mini perfume vials are made.

Thanks our commercial and marketing structure, we can offer a complete assistance service to our customers, identification and positioning of the new products in the markets, supporting them in achieving their success.
Even today our business is in constantly changing… Our biggest challenge will always a next one.

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