To Pink Frogs, innovation is a fundamental principle, which allows to distinguish among competitors and to give added value to its work. Thanks to its R&D laboratory, the company can propose innovative formulas and satisfy and anticipate the requests of the cosmetics market.


Years of intensive work culminated in 2018 when we received the “Cosmopack Awards”, for the best innovative skincare formula: 2 in 1 program for a beauty treatment as in the spa center: a “hot effect” mask to open the skin’s pores and detoxify it followed by a “cold effect” mask to complete the purifying action, to hydrate and sublimate the complexion.


In 2018 we partecipated in Cosmopack Asia 2018 and won the “Cosmopack Awards” for the best innovative skincare formula. Enzymatic whitening bi-gel, a beauty treatment enclosed in two enveloping textures, a liposoluble gel to exfoliate the skin, purify and smooth it, and a idrosoluble gel to give a bleaching and illuminating effect to the complexion. The addition of SPF 25 filter ensures effective protection from sunlight.


We also have partecipated in Cosmopack Asia 2018, presenting the innovative Skintonic formula; a toning and revitalizing serum that contains precious natural origin petals.


Pink Frogs in March 2019 presents Sustainable Coffee scrub, a formulation designed in the view of circular economy and “Made in Italy”. For the realization of the prototype, Pink Frogs used the coffee production waste from and industry leader company. Its texture is formulated with 99,9% of natural origin ingredients and contains only 3,25% of water.