Events & Exhibitions

Cosmoprof Asia 2018

Pink Frogs partecipated for the first time at Cosmopack Asia, held from 13 to 15 November 2018, winning the Best formula Skincare Award with its innovative Enzymatic whitening Bi-Gel. He also partecipated in Cosmoprof Asia factory, presenting the innovative skintonic serum.

Cosmoprof India 2018

Pink Frogs partecipated in the first edition of Cosmoprof India, held in Mumbai on 10 and 11 September.

Cosmopack Bologna 2018

Also this year we partecipated in Cosmopack 2018 and, this year too, we won the Cosmopack Awards in the “Best Formula Skincare” category.

Cosmopack Bologna 2017

Great success at cosmopack 2017 our “Unconventional” stand has allowed hundreds of visitors to live a unique sensory experience. Accompanied by an audio guide, our guests were able to discover some cosmetic products through the 5 senses.

Our metallic mask formula won the “Best Formula Skincare” Cosmopack the wall award.