Metaverse Collection

Mairmaid face mask

A convertible moisturizing mask with a super-colored, iridescent texture that transforms into ultra-liquid milk upon contact with water for easy product removal.
It moisturizes the skin, making it soft and velvety.
Playful, Instagrammable and user-friendly texture.

Urban queen mask

A gel texture rich in bio glitter that melts on contact with water and with a pretty scenic effect. Featuring a playful and transformable texture, it can be worn like a dress according to the mood of the day: you can choose from little stars or hearts that melt on contact with water, so as not to leak pollutants into the environment.

Hologram 3in1 face: scrub – mask – cleanser

A product featuring three complementary actions: scrub, mask and facial cleanser. A waterless, high-impact texture with holographic, iridescent colors that, upon contact with water, transforms into a milky liquid that facilitates the removal of scrubbing particles. The skin will look exfoliated and brightened.

Fabulous glitter oil

A dry, satiny touch oil packed with illuminating micro-pearls for super-nourished, ultra-glowing skin. Use even in large amounts after bathing or showering, it enhances the skin without being greasy. Available in different shades with biodegradable glitter and pearls.

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